Hello to my friends Anglo and Francophones

A message for my English speaking friends:

Hello, I got my chemiotherapy, the whole 8 sessions! and next week I start the radiotherapy, 33 sessions untill the end of january. Feeling very tired, not able to do a lot, more like resting, watching television, computer surfing, music, sleeping .... these are my days for the moment. Another two months of patience and I can slowly start my revalidation. Thanks for surfing to my blog, personal mails will be answered.

Have a nice day and weekend!



Un message pour mes ami(e)s francophones:

Bonjour les ami(e)s, ma chemio est du temps passé! il y a presque trois semaines j'ai eu ma dernière scéance. ouf! il était grand temps! je suis fatiguée comme tout, difficile à expliquer, je ne vauts rien pour le moment. Je passe mes jours dans mon fauteuil a dormir, regarder la télé, un peu de surf sur mon pc, de la musique... La semaine prochaine je commence la radiotherapie, 33 sessions, jusque fin janvier.

Je vous remercie de venir dire bonjour sur mon blog, je répondrai toujours des mails personnels. Je vous souhaite un vendredi agréable et surtout un bon weekend!



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To all victims of breastcancer worldwide

Dear friends,

I'm living in Belgium and had breastcancer. If you are also a victim of this terrible desease, how are you coping with it? do you have a community where you can find support? maybe forums where you meet other women to talk about your fears and dayly matters. I want to know how women in other country's are coping with this fight and what are the facilities you can have to help you. Please sent the link of this blog to your friends. I thank you very much and hope to read you in the future, Love, Claudine


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